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I will edit more into this later, when I have the time.

Do I know jack shite about DW and how it works?: Big resounding "NOPE"

This journal will not be friends only!

For the simple fact that I like making new friends and I'd forget to put posts as friends only anyways oops.
I would like if you comment here before adding me though, just to make sure that we make ground-level communication first!

Name: Alex
- [Fe]male
- 17
- Pansexual
- Wiccan
- Writer (or at least I try to tell myself I am)

I post sporadically and my entries are usually rather short, but that's because I have no reason to really post anything with depth less it be oneshots/short stories/etc. Which prolly means that I should find a resolute reason to even have this journal, aside from just using it for spew.

(I could use the bio part of my profile to put all this, but I never did say I was smart.)

Also word of warning to those who care but I tend to swear. A lot. A very copious amount that probably shouldn't be used by someone of my age but I do all the same. Ssssooo if that bugs you, I think you'd be better off not looking through my journal entries.

And I am horrible at making friends so I am more in likely to skirt around accounts that catch my interest and pet my computer screen while weeping about how I can't make friends worth jack. But at the same time if someone talks to me, I leap all over them like an overactive puppy and will/usually do scare them away with my enthusiasm. Bad middle ground to have, honestly.
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