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Rating/Warnings for this Chapter: N/A
Pairings: N/A
Summary: ---
Notes: Slightly sad fluff for the sake of fluff.

“Okay, sit still while I get your ba– hey!” Dante yelped as a splatter of water flew out of the tub, getting his front and whatever else he was unable to cover with a quickly thrown-up arm, though there wasn’t much of a way that he could dodge the splash while kneeling on the tiled floor. At this point in time, he was just glad that he had the sleeves of his button-up rolled to his elbows less his clothes got more of an unneeded wash. Putting his arm back down, a small frown crept onto his face as he met gazes with his wetter. “C’mon now, Cybil; you know better than to splash me!” The 3-year-old girl in the tub giggled and went back to splashing, her raven-black hair slicked down on her forehead and the nape of her neck.

“But Da, if I’m takin’ a bath, ya need to too!” Cybil chirped as she unwittingly attempted to drown her rubber duck under the soapy bathwater. Dante wiped some droplets of water off his face with a sigh, though he couldn’t help the corner of his mouth quirking up as he scrubbed his face with his hands, noting the stubble of hair growing back from the last time he’d shaved. He picked the sponge he dropped onto the floor back up and leaned to dunk it into the water, rubbing it on Cybil’s back while she was distracted with her duck. She paused in her murder attempt for the beat of a second as she turned her auburn eyes to look up at her father. “Hey Da… why isn’ Pa helpin’ ya?” The question made Dante flinch slightly, though he masked the change of expression with a slightly wooden-looking smile.

“He just left for a bit, Cy. Don’t worry about it, kay?” he murmured, lifting a hand to pet his daughter’s wet hair as she continued to stare at him with questioning doe-eyes. Flicking his gaze downwards, he deftly distracted her with a quick ‘you better watch out, Squeaker is getting away’ which caused Cybil to whirl with a battle screech and pounce on the duck slowly floating to the other side of the tub. Dante let a small smile come to his face at her enthusiasm, which had splashed him yet again but he was already soaked so it didn’t matter, but the smile slowly turned into a look of sadness after a moment, something that Cybil managed to see out of the corner of her eye when she turned.

Pivoting on her knees and scooting back over to where Dante was leaning on the side of the tub watching her, she lifted her water-pruned hands up and placed them on her father’s scruffy face with a small noise of discontent, though it was mostly at the fact that he grimaced when one of her fingers poked his eye. “Da not awloud to be sad, otay?” Her comforting words were botched a bit by her wobbly lower lip, but it managed to help all the same. A content look came to Dante’s face and he moved his hand to lightly tickle Cybil under her chin, getting a bubble of laughter out of her and making the tremble go away.

“Alright, you win. No more sads for me. But you need to finish your bath, missy, so you can get goin’ to bed.” Cy whined at that, but her dad wringing the sponge out above her head made the whine dissolve into debilitating giggles as she tried to bat the falling water away from her.


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